SM7GVF antenna for 144 MHz.

2005-10-23 One prototype 14 elements yagi, 9,8 m long, almost done.
2005-11-20 Three antennas completed
2006-07-07 All antennas completed

This picture show how I mount the 5,5 mm dia elements to the 28 mm boom. I add glue also to prevent that
the lements rotates around the boom (wind, birds sitting on the elements...)

The antenna is based on DK7ZB optimized yagi, but I have changed the first director position for
50 ohms instead, and use a bazooka choke for the unbalanced feeder.

Wheather protection is not solved yet.

Today I should verify VSWR on the third antenna, and found it to be 3:1!

This little snow on the elements was the reason.

Will this new antenna (4x14 ele) outperform the old 6x15 NBS yagies which I used in 1985-1990, shown below?

No, preliminary results (October 2006) indicates that 6 yagis is better... BUT the number
of maintance hours is lower now I hope...

How wrong I was, the antenna came down in January 2007 (Storm "Per")