Kjell, SM7GVF (ex SM4GVF)

This is a brief  presentation of me and my equipment. I moved to this QTH in 2005 after 15 years of inactivity.

Here I am in my shack.

Current antennas:

December 2009

Current set up;
1296 MHz
55 el Tonna at 24 m, put up Oct 2015, replaces WIMO, not pictured.
432 MHz 28 el M2 at 24 m, put up Dec 2009.
144 MHz 8 x 8 el I0JXX Yagis at 23 m, put up on 2008-09-05, restored 2015.
50 MHz 4 el at 20 m, put up on 2009-06-01, restored 2016.
28/24/21/18/14 MHz Optibeam OB9-5 at 16 m, put up March 2012, not pictured.
10 MHz 2 el HM at 19 m, put up March 2012, not pictured.
7/3.5/1.8 MHz 23,5 m vertical, put up 2005. All too small, comes down regularly, current status: UP.

The antennas are separated by 3.4 m horizontally and 9.6 m vertically.
See this link for how it was built.

Visual horizon is good, particularly to the south, see picture below, from 23 magl.

Historical events below.

While the 144 MHz array was down in the spring /summer of 2008, I used this HF, 6 m and 2 m antenna.

Below I am aiming at the moon, do you see it? Before the February storm...

My previous antenna, 6 m, 2 m, 70 cm and 23 cm antenna, 23 m above ground.

Antenna work performed (in reverse order):

I put up my 50 MHz Yagi, so I am QRV for the Es season.

2008-April Put up FB-53 and 9 el Tonne for 144 MHz.

2008-02-22     Big enough - again! During the storm I lost the antennas, at 1627 UTC I watched the two upper antennas as they broke.

This is my own weather data (light blue is 10 minutes mean wind speed, dark blue is high wind speed, gray is barometric pressure).
Wind speed is measured at 11 meters, the tower is 23 meters...
At the first 19.2 m/s peak at 1727 local time, the antennas were broken.

2007-08-25    All antennas are back, QRV again.

2007-08-18   At last, I am QRV again on 144 MHz with the 4 x 14 elements system, the other bands will be added later.

2007-01-27  The antennas are taken down. Rotator seems to be functional. I will start repairing the antennas...

2007-01-14 Big enough. The array was broken in the storm, I am temporarily QRT above 50 MHz. See me on 80/40m in the meanwhile and in the garage....

To-be-fixed array... The array is up side down, with broken antennas, and possibly rotator - to be examined.

Above is the wind speed at 8 m above ground some 35 km east of me at the event, with peak of 25 m/s, probably higher here at 23 m. (Thanks SA7AHC for data).

If you wish to see a video of the high wind in my antennas (2007-01-14 at 11.47 local (UTC+1)) look here (note that size is 18 MB).

2006-10-01   50, 432 and 1296 MHz antennas are added - I have simulated (MMANA-GAL) that they will not interact much.

2006-09-08    The 4 x 14 elements for 144 MHz, each 10 m long (4.7 WL), are now at 23 m above ground. Without my friend SM7EKU, Sven-Åke, in the array in the picture, this project would not have come true - I am very grateful for his help.

2005-10-23    I have built one prototype 14 elements 4.7 WL  Yagi for 144 MHz, preparing three more for an EME antenna.

2005 August    The 25,6 m high vertical is put up, works nice on 80-30 m, used on all HF bands, bending in the background in the picture below.

The vertical is bending in the wind (requires very little wind)

The array before all storms

More pictures from the antenna work.